technological innovations for inclusive learning & teaching

Marcelo Worsley

Principal Investigator

I am an assistant professor of Learning Sciences and Computer Science at Northwestern's School of Education and Social Policy and the McCormick School of Engineering. The goal of my research is to advance society's understanding of how students learn in complex learning environments by forging new opportunities for using multimodal technology.


Kelia Human

Post Baccalaureate Fellow

Kelia is Post Baccalaureate Fellow in tiilt lab. Her interests include exploring the intersection between management of disease, education, and technology. Previous work involves biological sensors and wearable technology.

Graduate Students

Emily Q. Wang

Emily is a PhD student in the Technology and Social Behavior program. Her research in human-computer interaction focuses on creating accessible groupware systems for Deaf and hearing professionals. Before coming to Northwestern, Emily completed a self-designed engineering major with coursework in computer science, human-centered design, and psychology at Olin College of Engineering.

JaCoya Thompson

JaCoya is a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at Northwestern University. She graduated from Fayetteville State University (FSU) with a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and a Masters of Science degree in Mathematics. She’s currently building and using current technologies that allow 6-12th grade students to create, learn, and engage with data science. Her area of interest includes using technologies to improve and enhance methods of instruction and investigating instructional strategies that promote equal access to individuals from culturally diverse populations.


Michael Smith

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Michael Smith is a Computer Science BS/MS Student at Northwestern University, and a National GEM Consortium Master’s Fellow. His interests include exploring the intersections of technology & education, software engineering, data science, games as an interactive medium, AI/ML, problem solving, and inclusivity.


Natalie Melo

Coming from Malden, MA, Natalie is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Learning Sciences. She graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania as both a Questbridge Match Scholar and Janey Scholar. Natalie has a passion for empowering students. Her interests lie in identity, collaboration, and belonging.

Kit Martin

Kit grew up in Sudan, a country in a civil war. From there he moved around a lot. These travels motivated him to notice the gross disparities. This motivation got him started working with disadvantaged youth in Nashville back in the ’90s and running a mentoring program in Upstate New York in the 2000s. This motivation has taken him into simulation through agent based models, especially models dealing with social systems that demonstrate the intersubjective development of inequality. Kit has an M.A. in international development and experience working overseas implementing field projects in loan provision, agricultural systems transformation and recycling efforts. Kit also has experience teaching biology, population dynamics and computer programming through ant based models in schools in Nashville, Tennessee with Vanderbilt. Kit is currently interested in multi-modal sensors. He sees them as a bridge between agent based methods and his other evaluations frameworks.

Sarah Lee

Sarah is from Rogers Park, Chicago. Her interests include Constructionist, hands-on making in informal learning environments, and the intersection of memory, memorials, museums, urban spaces, and identity.

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie is a Ph.D. Student in Computer Science and Learning Science from the Philadelphia area. She's a graduate of Villanova University where she studied Computer and Electrical Engineering. She is interested in increasing access to STEM for underrepresented youth through informal learning opportunities. She is additionally interested in the intersections of socio-cultural theories, constructionism, and multi modal analytics. When not doing research she can be found laughing at her own jokes, watching YouTube, or using Slack reacts.


David Bar-El

Originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel and currently working on his PhD in Learning Sciences at Northwestern's School of Education and Social Policy. David is interested in out-of-school learning and particularly how children learn around popular culture and media.

Connor Bain

Connor is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Learning Sciences originally from Columbia, SC. He's a proud University of South Carolina alumnus who studies how to help teachers integrate computation into their classrooms and how to get students to think with computation.

Khalil Anderson

Born in Bronxville, New York and raised in Ellicott City, Maryland, Khalil, a UMBC Alum, is a Computer Science PhD student with interests in Machine Learning. More specifically with interests in Reinforcement Learning, NLP, and how Machine Learning can help augment, not necesarily replace, humans in task and jobs such as driving, learning, manufacturing, and any other area.

Undergraduate Students

Neil Vakharia

Neil is a junior majoring in Mathematics and pursuing an accelerated Master’s in Computer Science. During his time at TIILT Laboratory he has worked on making various Wear OS Applications using android studio.

Kevin Mendoza Tudares

Kevin is a second year studying Computer Science in McCormick with a minor in Psychology. He is interested in data science and cognition as well as motivating younger students to pursue an interest in STEM. In his free time, Kevin enjoys listening to music, going to concerts, and watching movies.

Sydney Simmons

Sydney is a second year McCormick student studying Computer Science. She is interested in improving students’ educational experiences through technology, as well as mentorship. Therefore, she works with the FamJam team in the lab. On campus, Sydney is a part of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) as the Treasurer, a mentor in the Black Mentorship Program, and is involved in the New Student and Family Programs.

Harrison Pearl

Harrison is a fourth year Computer Science student working on the Sony ReSpeaker Project. His research is focused on the design of educational and accessibility technologies. He loves working with cool gadgets and programming for interesting hardware.

Andy Moran

Andy is a first generation second year studying Computer Science and currently working on the various Minecraft projects. He believes technology is the most effective way to overcome educational inequity. On campus, Andy is a mentor to first year students in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers as the Membership Chair. Outside of class, he can be found exploring new music and new food sometimes simultaneously.

Isabelle Mallwitz

Isabelle is a second year in McCormick majoring in Manufacturing and Design Engineering and hoping to minor in Computer Science. She is interested in encouraging interest in STEM in young people in a variety of ways, as well as learning about user experience and user-focused design. Isabelle loves talking about dogs, sequential art, and character design.

Judy Lee

Judy is a third year in Weinberg majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Asian-American studies. She loves teaching, is inspired by how people have fun with and can learn with tech, and is exploring storytelling through interactive media. In her free time, she celebrates her dogs’ birthdays, paints, and visits different parks.

Priya Kini

Priya Kini is a second year in McCormick majoring in Computer Science with a minor in cognitive science. She is interested in using computer science to facilitate artistic learning, as well as fostering STEM education in under-represented communities. Apart from engineering, Priya enjoys dancing for Northwestern’s Bhangra team and exploring Chicago with her friends.

Marc Jiang

Marc is a second year student at Northwestern University studying Computer Science in McCormick. He is from Chicago and is interested in how computer science can be used for education, reading emotions, and the health industry. He is currently helping with the Learning with Minecraft, FamJam, and IMR projects.

JooYoung Jang

JooYoung is a senior majoring in Computer Science at Northwestern University from Seoul, South Korea. He believes that the right inclusion of technology into classrooms can be the solution to social inequality. He is interested in leveraging technology to allow students to learn without barriers and realize the opportunities that they didn’t recognize earlier. In the lab, he is contributing to the BLINC project and the Sports Analytics Group.

Nathaniel Hardy

Nathaniel is a second year student studying Computer Science. He is interested in using Compute Science to mitigate issues of societal inequality. On campus, he is involved in The Collective along with organizing Black Men LEAD events. His interests include watching basketball, learning about machine learning, and video game development. In the lab, he works as a part of the Blinc team.

Alex Gist

Alex is a second year McCormick student studying Computer Engineering with a minor in Music Technology. He is interested in using technology to help promote social good and provide resources for historically underrepresented groups. Alex is currently helping with the Blinc project.

Aimee van den Berg

Aimee is a first year in McCormick majoring in Computer Science with an adjunct major in International Studies. She is interested in artificial intelligence and computer vision as well as robotics. Outside of engineering, she is passionate about languages and plays Ultimate Frisbee on Northwestern’s Women’s Team. During her free time she enjoys listening to music, exploring restaurants with friends, and baking!

Sam Arrants

Sam is a fourth year studying Computer Science, currently working on the Sony Project. He is particularly interested in user experience and creating simple and impactful education technology. He is also pretty interested in a good bowl of cereal. And dogs.


Sophie Mann

Sophie is a researcher and Class of 2018 alumna of Northwestern. She has a Master’s in Technology and Innovation from Harvard Graduate School of Education and is pursuing additional coursework at Northwestern in the Advanced Data Science certificate program. Her interests include how technology can create equity across the education and health sectors, big data, and science-driven interventions to benefit kids and teenagers. She enjoys running, crossword puzzles, and reading in her spare time.