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Wearable technologies are showing up in many different places and for many different purposes. Take a look at these three videos that talk about how wearable technologies are being used in sports.

Here is one more video about using wearables in sports. It's an advertisement so we apologize if it seems gimmicky, because it is.

Take a moment to journal about ways wearables are used in sports and any parts that seemed interesting, fun, or particularly strange.


Activity 1:

In your kits you will find a Moov Now watch. Go ahead and take it out of the kit so that you can test it out.

You will need to have the device wirelessly connect with a phone or iPad. The app is called Moov Coach.

Once you have set up your account it's time to test out some of the activities available on the Moov Coach app. Pick a couple that seem interesting to you and give them a try. Some suggested activities include Brisk Walk, Cardio Boxing, 7 Minute+, or Open Running. These can all be done without additional equipment.

After you've finished, take a moment to write in your Data in Motion journal.

Review the Moov in your Data in Motion Journal:

Activity 2:

Invite a family member or a friend to test out one of two of the activities using the Moov Now watch and do a short interview with them and their experience with the device. You can use the questions from Activity 1, and/or come up with your own! Take notes in your Data in Motion journal.