Recent estimates suggest that 70% of youth participate in sports, whereas fewer than 20% participate in out-of-school STEM experiences. The SportSense project imagines how unlocking new curiosities within athletes could transform the landscape of STEM learning, both in terms of who participates and types of innovations that emerge. In partnership with local organizations, we create learning environments where students are introduced to ways that technology can help them improve their athletic performance, and ways that sports can improve their understanding of STEM concepts. We provide participants the opportunity to explore statistical questions that are meaningful to them, with tools such as wearables, Python statistical packages, and R programming tools prominently used by data scientists. This project is also being used within the Black Kids Predict Initiative.

Tools and Repositories Used Across Activities

Sample SportSense Curriculum Materials

  1. Power of Sensors
  2. Promise of Wearables
  3. Take Off that Silly Watch
  4. Designers Wanted
  5. Limitations with Wearables and Sensors
  6. Design Your Future

Putting Multimodal Tools in the Hands of Youth

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